by Sandra Juresiute Wellbeing Coach & Theta Healer

Are You Ready To Create a Lasting Change In Your Life?

Weight Loss and Self Love Meditation
  • Start changing your beliefs about weight loss and self love with this powerful guided meditation 
  • Unlock and embrace a new way to loving yourself and your body, so that you start to accept all aspects of you 
  • Build a trust within that it is possible for you to lose weight
  • Get motivated to achieve your body goals and know that it is easy, so that you can stop struggling and see yourself in a new light

You will be guided to connect to Theta Brain Wave with this powerful Theta Healing Meditation. In this meditative state you will instantly start activating positive beliefs about yourself, your weight and your body. Increased self love and confidence will lead to creating a positive change in your life. Are you ready to experience this change?